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1. Place the platter on the turntable.



2. Push and rotate counterweight onto tonearm and then carefully insert the headshell into the tonearm.


3. Release tonearm from rest and remove the stylus guard. 

Important notes:

- Take care when handling the cartridge. Lower gently onto the platter, do not drop.
- Make sure that the Anti-Skate dial is set to '0'.



4. Place tonearm force gauge on the platter and carefully lower stylus onto "2"


Adjusting the counterweight ensures the pressure the stylus applies to the record is correct. Too much pressure can cause distortion and lost information as well as wear to your records. Too little pressure and the stylus will jump and potentially damage your records.

Return the arm to its armrest to adjust the counterweight. This part of the process requires care and patience. Rotate anti-clockwise to increase balance weight or clockwise to decrease balance weight.


Adjust the counterweight until the stylus force gauge is in balance. Once the stylus is in balance, return the tonearm to its armrest. The anti-skate dial should be set to match the tracking force of the cartridge. Your factory-fitted cartridge has a tracking force of '2'.

5. Connect hinges to the turntable and insert lid