bluetooth connection

Selecting this allows the DacMagic 200M to receive wireless Bluetooth audio from most phones, tablets and laptops.

To pair a new BT device with the DacMagic 200M you need to:

  • Make sure any previously paired BT device is turned OFF (this product will auto-connect to the last paired device)
  • Turn on Dac Magic 200M and select BT as a source
  • Activate BT on the source device
  • Scan for available devices on the source device and select 'DacMagic200M'

To unpair a device, you can select 'Unpair' in the phone’s device list, or perform a factory reset on the DacMagic 200M, as this will delete all previously paired devices.

Note: Your device can only be paired and connected to the DacMagic 200M while the Bluetooth source is selected.

Paired LED status
Once your device is paired, below are the LED status of the type of codec that is being received.

SBC Codec is represented with a solid light.

aptX Codec is represented with a 2 seconds solid light followed by a very short light off interval.