Advanced settings

Advanced settings

Important note: Make sure that the DacMagic 200M is in the Standby state, before changing any settings.

Factory reset: All user-stored settings (input, volume and output mode) will be erased and replaced by the unit’s default settings.

press source filter

Short press both Source and Filter buttons. All LEDs will light in sequence, one by one.


volume filter pressed

Fixed/variable out mode is toggled by short pressing the Volume knob and the Filter button at the same time:

RCA/XLR output set to fixed mode – MQA/DSD light up for 5s. 

RCA/XLR output set to variable mode – 176.4/768 LED's light up for 5s.

Note: Headphone output is always variable.

Check MCU SOFTWARE version: Double press Source button first and then double press the Filter button.

For example, if the MCU version is V2.1, then the front panel LED should be showing:

MQA LED – Blink 2 times

44.1k LED – Blink 1 time