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The CXA remote control handset duplicates the front panel control functions and is also able to control other CX series products. The supplied AAA batteries must be fitted before the remote control can be used. The handset buttons function as described below:

1. Brightness - Alters the brightness of the CXA display lights. There are two brightness levels and an option to switch off the backlight.

Note: When the CXA display lights are selected to be off, selecting any of the functions will briefly switch on the lights to show the change.

2. Mute - Press to mute or unmute the loudspeakers, pre-out, sub, and the headphone outputs.

The light will flash on the front of the unit to show the outputs are muted.

3. Standby/On - Switches the CXA between On and Standby mode.

4. Sources - Used to select the source inputs.

Note: For the CXA81, the A1 button has the double function of selecting the balanced or unbalanced A1 input, and will toggle between the two inputs when double pressing. The MP3 source can only be selected when there is a jack connected to the input.

5. Volume up/down - Volume level adjustment.

Note: If the remote control will not function, please check that the batteries have not expired, and that there is nothing blocking the front panel IR receiver.
Remote Control