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There is no power
• Ensure the AC power cord is connected securely.
• Ensure the plug is fully inserted into the wall socket and is switched on.
• Check fuse in the mains plug or adaptor.

There is no sound
• Make sure the unit is not in Standby mode.
• Check that the source component is properly connected.
• Check that your speakers are properly connected.
• Make sure the selected speaker A/B light corresponds to the speaker terminals that the loudspeakers are connected to.
• Make sure unit is not in mute mode.
• Check that the correct analogue or digital input button has been selected on the front panel. See the ‘Front Panel Connections’ section for more information.

There is no sound on one channel
• Check speaker connections.
• Check interconnects.

There is weak bass or diffused stereo imaging
• Ensure that speakers are not wired out of phase.

Speaker A/B and mute light flashing
• See section on CAP5 protection system.

The remote handset does not function
• Check that the batteries have not expired.
• Ensure that nothing is blocking the remote sensor.

There is no audio when connecting a Mac/PC to the USB audio input
• Ensure that all the steps within the ‘USB Audio Connection’ section of the manual have been followed.
• Ensure that the USB Audio source has been selected by selecting the Bluetooth/USB Audio button on the front panel. The USB Audio source is shown by the symbol being lit orange.
• Ensure that your PC/Mac is connected to the USB Audio input with a USB A to B cable.
• If you are connecting a PC and using the CXA in USB Audio Class 2, make sure that the correct USB driver is downloaded. The driver is available from
• If you have downloaded a Cambridge Audio USB 2.0 Driver, ensure that the CXA is set to USB Audio Class 2 in the Setup Menu.

There is no audio when connecting a TV to the CXA
• The CXA is unable to decode a Dolby or Surround signal, ensure that the audio settings on your TV are set to PCM or Stereo.
• Ensure that your TV is connected to one of the SP/DIF or TOSLINK inputs on the CXA.

There are drop outs in audio when connected to a TV via Toslink
• Please see the 'Getting Connected' > ‘Connecting a TV’ section in the manual.


For more frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), technical advice and information on getting the most out of your CXA, please visit the Support section on Cambridge Audio’s website: