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How can I play SACD or MP3/WMA discs on the CXC?

It is not possible to play SACD, MP3 or WMA discs on the CXC. The CXC uses the same S3 servo as our Azur CD players and is optimised for CD playback only.

Why doesn't the CXC have an analogue audio output?

In a 'normal' CD player, the CD's digital information is read and passed through a DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) inside the CD player. The resulting analogue signal is then output to the amplifier, usually via RCA connection.

The CXC is a CD Transport. This means that the CXC plays the CD and extracts the digital information from the CD disc and outputs it digitally, via S/PDIF Coaxial or Toslink connection. 

As we use high-quality ESS Sabre DACs inside our CX Series amplifiers (CXA61/81), we recommend outputting a digital signal from the CD Transport and allow the digital to analogue conversion take place in the amplifier instead.