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Music library

The Music Library menu item lists all found UPnP servers and USB media devices.
There are many suitable UPnP server software packages available for PC and Mac. Stand-alone servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices with built-in UPnP server capabilities are also available. Please see the set-up guides on our website at:

Note: When using a UPnP server to share your media, the menu structure, search and selection criteria are determined by that server, not the CXN v2.

The CXN v2 does not scan entire USB storage devices to build an artist/track database. It is therefore recommended that audio files are stored in a structured way by artist and album to facilitate locating tracks.

Playing tracks and adding to the queue

Add individual tracks

Selecting an individual track will show the following menu:
• ADD TO QUEUE – Add the track to the end of the queue.
• REPLACE QUEUE – Remove all queue items and replace with the new track.

Viewing the queue

To view the queue at any time press the '•••' (more) button.
You can jump playback to any point in the queue by navigating up/down the list and pressing Enter.

Editing the queue

Tracks can be removed from the queue by highlighting them with the navigator and pressing the Stop button.
To clear an entire queue, navigate to the bottom of the queue to highlight [Clear Queue] and press Enter.

Note: Switching the CXN v2 into standby will delete the queue.

The 'Now Playing' screen

Pressing the info-button button will cycle through:
• Combination of track/stream info plus album/station art.
• Just album/station art.
• Just track/stream info.

Album art and radio station logos may also be displayed if available. For USB Media the Album art needs to be in the same folder as the track.

Album art file format

Album art images are supported in .png and .jpg file formats only.
Images can have any name, but images named Folder.png or Folder.jpg take precedence.
Images embedded into tracks are not supported.


The CXN v2 supports various playlist formats:
• ASX (Microsoft® playlist format)
• M3U

For permanent storage of favourite media selections, it is recommended to use suitable software to create playlists. These can then be accessed by the CXN v2 from USB storage devices or UPnP servers that support playlist serving. It is not currently possible to save playlists created on the CXN v2.


USB audio

The CXN v2 USB Audio input is intended to connect directly to a PC or Mac computer.
The default CXN v2 configuration is USB Audio profile 1.0 which works with nearly all common operating systems and computer types without needing additional drivers. In this configuration sample rates from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/96kHz are supported.
For more details on USB Audio, see our online guides at:


The two digital inputs are capable of receiving stereo PCM audio with sample rates up to 24-bit/192kHz.


The optional Cambridge Audio BT100 Bluetooth dongle can be connected into any available USB socket.