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Front panel controls

Front panel

1. Display

2. Skip

3. Play/Pause

4. Speaker output  
Press this button to choose a different speaker output from the menu. Use the source selector knob to select the speaker output between speaker A, speaker B, speaker A+B, headphone and Bluetooth devices.

Note: Speaker A, speaker B and speaker A+B are available on the Evo 150 only

5. Volume/Source selector 
To change the volume, rotate the front part. 
To select a source, rotate the back part.

6. Info 
During playback, pressing this button will cycle through ‘Now Playing’ screens. Press and hold to display the product info. 

7. IR sensor

8. Standby/On 

9. Headphones 
For suitable headphones – connection will automatically mute the speaker output and the pre-out.