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StreamMagic app - Setup

Your player is network connected, not only can you listen to devices connected to the inputs on the product but you can also stream music from many different sources both on your home network and from the internet.

To set up your player, please first download the StreamMagic app from the Apple app store or Google Play store. 

ios app storeandroid app store

Set up

  1. Switch on your player and follow the on screen instructions to select your preferred language.
  2. Open the StreamMagic app and follow the instructions provided to complete setting up your player on your network. This process will also apply any new updates that may be pending.

Note: During the set up process you will be asked to give your player a name, please make sure this is unique to your player. This will make it easier to find when using streaming and smart home services.

Once your player is connected to your home network you'll have full control of your sources, including internet radio, streaming services, network and USB drives and more. 

For more information on our StreamMagic app, please visit: