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Basic connections

The diagram below shows the basic connection of your Evo to a pair of loudspeakers.

basic connection


Speaker B connections (Evo 150 only)

The diagram below shows the connection for a second pair of loudspeakers. Pressing the speaker output icon will scroll through the selection of speakers, speaker A, speaker B, and speaker A and B together.

speaker b connection


Preamp Out connections

The Preamp Out sockets are for connecting to a power amplifier or active subwoofer.

preamp out


Balanced audio connections (Evo 150 only)

The diagram below shows how to connect the Evo 150 using the Balanced Audio inputs.

balanced audio connection


USB audio connection (Evo 150 only)

Important note: Before setting up your Evo 150 for the first time, please make sure that the USB Audio connection is unplugged. USB Audio can be re-connected once any firmware updates are applied.

usb audio connection


Network connections

Connecting to a wired network

wired network

Connect a network cable between the Evo and your router.


Connecting to a wireless network

wireless network

Note: Your Evo will need to be in range of your wireless router.