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Dependent on your desired setup, there are a few different ways to connect your Minx X301 subwoofer.

1. If you are using a two-channel hi-fi system, then use the left and right line input connections to connect your Minx X301.

Install 1

2. If you are using a receiver, or amplifier with a dedicated sub out then connect the Minx X301 using the left channel (LFE/Sub) input.

install 2

3. Once connected you can decide where to position your subwoofer. As low frequency content is largely unidirectional, you can experiment to find a place that suits your setup. Please see the below diagram for suggestions on placement dependent on your speaker configuration.

install 3

4. Use the crossover frequency, phase, and volume controls to adjust the subwoofer output to fit with the rest of your system, and your requirements.