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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I connect my turntable to the AXA25?

The AXA25 doesn’t have a built-in Phono preamplifier (Phono Stage), so your turntable will require its own Phono Stage to be able to be connected directly to the audio inputs on the amplifier.

Any turntable without a built-in Phono Stage will need to be connected to an external Phono preamplifier to bring the overall level up to an audible level. This can then be connected to any of the AXA25's audio inputs.



Why doesn't the AXA25's USB connection produce any sound?

The USB input on the rear of the AXA25 is not designed as an audio input. This is purely for charging devices and maintaining power to components such as a Streaming device.


Can I insert a Bluetooth adaptor into the AXA25’s USB port to enable Bluetooth functionality?

No. The USB port on the rear of the AXA25 is only designed for charging a device, such as a smartphone. It is, therefore, not possible to insert a Bluetooth adaptor into this port to enable Bluetooth functionality with the AXA25.


Can I use 4 or 6 Ohm speakers with the AXA25?

The AXA25 is only rated to be used with 8 Ohm speakers and we would not recommend using it with 4 or 6 Ohm speakers.
Using the AXA25 with 4 or 6 Ohm speakers could result in the amplifier overheating, which in the long run could damage the unit.