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Frequently asked questions

Can I play files from a connected USB HD when the CXN100 is not connected to a network?

This is not possible as the use of the StreamMagic app is required to be able to play local files from a connected USB HD.

Please note that it is strongly recommended that the CXN100 is connected to a network at all times.


Does the CXN100 come with a remote control?

No, the CXN100 does not have its own remote control and does not come with one included. The unit can be fully controlled and the settings can be adjusted via the StreamMagic app.

If you wish to use a remote control with your device, the CX series 2 remote control is compatible with the CXN100 and can be purchased from our website here.


Can I access features such as Internet Radio and streaming services via the front panel?

It is not possible to access services and features via the front panel of the CXN100. You will be able to access many features via the StreamMagic app, as well as integrated services such as TIDAL, Spotify etc. via their respective apps. 


How do I change the volume of the CXN100?

With Pre-Amp mode enabled within the StreamMagic app device settings, the volume of the device's analogue outputs can be controlled using the app or rotary dial.

Note: Pre-Amp mode and volume control can only be enabled when connected via the analogue outputs.


Do I need to connect both of the supplied Wi-Fi antennas for the CXN100 to work?

Yes, if you are connecting your CXN100 to your network wirelessly, you will need to connect both of the supplied antennas to enable full Wi-Fi functionality and the strongest possible wireless network connection.

Bluetooth functionality will also only be possible when one of the antennas is connected to the port with the Bluetooth symbol.


Can I use more than one of the CXN100’s outputs at once? 

If you wish to connect the CXN100 to one single device, you can use any output, digital or analogue, that you wish.

If, however, you would like to connect the CXN100 to more than one device at a time, you can connect up to four devices and play simultaneously, as all outputs remain active at all times.

Please note that you will need to enable Pre-Amp mode in the app, if you wish to control the volume via the CXN100.


How do I stop the CXN100 from powering down when not in use?  

The CXN100 will automatically switch to standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. This Automatic Power-Down (APD) feature can be disabled, by navigating to the device settings within the StreamMagic app.

You can either disable this feature, or edit the length of time it takes for APD to be triggered, by selecting ‘Automatic Power-Down’.



What USB HDs will the CXN100 support?

The primary function of the CXN100 is as a network music player and the USB port is intended for convenient connection of USB HDDs and SSDs. As such, we can not guarantee compatibility with all USB HDDs and SSDs.

The CXN100 will read large capacity hard drives connected to the USB Media input. Some larger capacity drives, however, may require their own power supply, as the player's USB port may not provide enough power for the drive to function. 

The CXN100 will support USB hard drives which are formatted to FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and Ext4.