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Remote Control

Note: The CXN100 does not have its own remote control and does not come with one included. The device can be controlled via the StreamMagic app. If you wish to use a remote control with your device, the CX series 2 remote control is compatible with the CXN100.


1. Standby/On
Switches the CXN100 between On and Standby mode.

2. Brightness
Alters the brightness of the CXN100 display. There are two brightness levels and an option to switch off the backlight.

Note: When the brightness is switched to 'off', selecting any of the functions will briefly switch on the lights to show the change.

3. Mute
Press to mute or un-mute the audio. This can only be used with Pre-amp mode enabled.

4. Random
Play random track within queue.

5. Repeat
Repeat all tracks in queue.

6. Volume
Volume level adjust. This can only be used with Pre-amp mode enabled when connected via the analogue outputs.

7. Info
Tapping will toggle between display information. Holding will display the 'info' screen.

8. Skip
Skips between previous and next tracks.

9. Enter
Enter or select.

10. Source Selector
Scroll through sources enabled in the StreamMagic app.

11. Play/Pause
Play or Pause current track.

12. Presets
Recalls stored 1 – 8 presets.

Remote control


If the remote control will not function, please check that the batteries have not expired, and that there is nothing blocking the front panel IR sensor.