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Unboxing your Minx X201 subwoofer.

Follow the diagram and take care when unboxing your Minx X201 so not to damage the speaker cone.



Installation of your Minx X201.

Dependent on your desired setup, there are a few different ways to connect your Minx X201 subwoofer.

1. If you are using an amplifier with a L+R pre-out then use the left and right line input connections to connect your Minx X201.

X201 Installation

2. If you are using a receiver, or amplifier with a dedicated sub out then connect the Minx X201 using the left channel (LFE/Sub) input.

X201 installation 2

3. Once connected you can decide where to position your subwoofer. As low frequency content is largely unidirectional, you can experiment to find a place that suits your setup.