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Maximum Power Consumption

Standby Consumption

Mains Inlet Voltage
100-240V AC

Gain @ 1kHz
39dB (Moving magnet)
60dB (Moving coil)

Nominal Output

Sensitivity for Nominal Output
3.35mV (Moving magnet)
305uV (Moving coil)

Equivalent Input Noise (A-Weighted)
~0.09uV (Moving magnet)
~0.08uV (Moving coil)

RIAA Curve Accuracy
+/- 0.3dB 30Hz - 20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio Grounded Inputs ref. 1V Output (20Hz - 20kHz BW)
>90dB (Moving magnet)
>70dB (Moving coil)

THD+N 1kHz (20Hz - 20kHz BW)
<0.0025% (Moving magnet)
<0.020% (Moving coil)

Input Impedance
47k Ohm (Moving magnet)
100 Ohm (Moving coil)

Input Capacitance

Overload Margin

Crosstalk @ 20kHz
>85dB (Moving magnet)
>75dB (Moving coil)

Subsonic Filter Characteristics
-3dB @ 15Hz 12dB/octave

Dimensions (H x W x D)
48 x 215 x 159 mm (1.9 x 8.5 x 6.2 ")

0.95kg (2.1lbs)