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There is no power.
• Ensure that the AC power cord is securely connected.
• Check that the plug is fully connected to the mains and is switched on.
• Check the fuse in the mains plug.

There is no sound.
• Confirm that the unit is switched on.
• Check that the turntable is securely connected to the Alva Duo.
• Check that the connections between the Alva Duo and amplifier are securely made.
• Ensure that your speakers are properly connected.

There is no sound on one channel.
• Check speaker connections and interconnects.
• Check that the Alva Duo balance control is set centrally.

There is a loud buzz or hum.
• Check that the ground lead (if present) is securely connected to both the turntable and Alva Duo.
• Ensure all interconnects are secure and intact.
• Check that your turntable is not too close to your amplifier.

There is weak bass or diffused stereo imaging.
• Ensure that your speakers are not wired out of phase.

Volume is too loud/quiet.
• Confirm that the cartridge type being used matches that of the input it is connected to.