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Initial setup

  1. Connect your chosen digital audio source(s) to the input(s) on the DacMagic 100 via:

          TOSLINK optical - which offers high quality transfer over shorter distances.


          S/P DIF coaxial - which can be used for longer connections.


          USB audio to connect to a PC, or Mac.

  1. Connect the audio outputs of the DacMagic 100 using RCA cables to the line-input of your amplifier.
  2. Using the appropriate plug for your region, connect the supplied power adaptor to the DacMagic 100.
  3. Power on the unit and select the input source that you wish to listen to using the source button located on the front panel.

If there is no power to the unit, please follow the steps below

  1. Check that the supplied 12V PSU is securely connected to the power adaptor socket on the rear of the DacMagic 100.
  2. Confirm that the PSU is securely connected to the mains socket, and that the socket is switched on.

If a hum or buzzing sound can be heard after setup, please see the following steps

  1. Check that all connections between Source(s) > DacMagic 100 > Amplifier are secure.
  2. Move unit away from any nearby lighting, or mains cables that could cause interference.
  3. If connected via USB, switch ‘Ground Lift’ switch to ‘lift’.

Audio output connections

Output connection to AXA35



Digital audio input connections

Connection to CXC via S/P DIF coaxial


cxc coax


Connection to CXC via TOSLINK optical


cxc toslink dm100


Connection to TV via TOSLINK optical


tv toslink


USB audio connection

usb dm100

Note: The DacMagic 100 is not designed to work with mobile devices such as phones, and tablets. Whilst there may be instances where connection is possible, this is not a function that is fully supported.