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Front panel controls


1. Power button - Switches the unit between Standby mode (indicated by dim power LED) and On (indicated by bright power LED). Standby mode is a low power mode where the power consumption is less than 0.5 Watts. This product has APD (Auto Power Down) enabled as default. After inactivity of 20 minutes, the product will automatically switch to Standby.

Auto Power Down (APD) You can enable and disable the unit’s APD setting. This can be adjusted by pressing and holding the Power button until the LED flashes in sequence.

The two options below show which option is selected.

Standby flashes 5 times - APD disabled

Standby flashes 10 times - APD enabled

Note: Make sure the unit is On, before making changes to the APD function.

2. Infrared sensor - Receives IR commands from the supplied remote control. An unobstructed line of sight between the remote control and the sensor is required.

3. Display - Alpha-numeric characters which display playback information. On inserting a disc, the CD player will take a few seconds to read the Table of Contents (TOC) information from the disc. The display will then show the number of tracks on the CD and the total length of the CD.

4. Open/Close - Allows you to open and close the disc tray. After placing a CD in the tray, press Open/ Close to close the tray.

5. Play/Pause - Plays the CD and pauses play.

6. Stop - Stops the CD playing.

7. Skip/Scan - Enables you to skip between and search within tracks. Press briefly to skip a track. Press and hold to scan through a track.