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Operating instructions

After making any connections to your unit, activate the AXR100D by pressing the Power On button on the front of the unit.


Press the Source button on the front of the unit corresponding to your desired source. Alternatively, you may use the appropriate button on the remote control.

Note: There will be no sound from the receiver if the correct input source button isn’t selected.



To connect a Bluetooth device to AXR:

  1. Press the Bluetooth/Phono button on the front panel or the Bluetooth button on the remote.

"PAIRING" will show on the display.


  1. Consult the instructions of the Bluetooth device to connect to AXR100D. When successfully connected the display will show your device name.

Note: To add another Bluetooth device, Press and hold the Bluetooth/Phono button to disconnect the current connection and repeat step 2.

The AXR100D will store up to 8 paired Bluetooth devices.


Bluetooth troubleshooting guide

If you are having problems connecting your Bluetooth device to the AXR100D, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth source has been selected and the AXR100D is in ‘Pairing’ mode.
  • Ensure that your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode and not already connected to another Bluetooth unit.
  • Forget the AXR from your devices’ list of discoverable Bluetooth items and start the pairing process again.
  • Perform a factory reset on the AXR (see 'Factory Reset' section below).



Use either the Volume Up/Down buttons on the remote control, or the Volume control on the front of your unit system to change the volume level. The newly selected level will be indicated briefly on the front display.

The volume is displayed in minus dB where 0dB is the highest level.

A progressively larger negative number indicates the volume is being reduced.

Adjust Volume



Adjustments to the bass, treble and balance can be made as follows:

  1. To enter the Tone setting menu, press either the Menu button on the front of the unit or on the remote control.


Adjust Tone

  1. Step through the available settings by pressing the Menu button. The settings available are in order Bass, Treble and Balance.


  1. When you wish to make an adjustment for bass, treble or balance, simply rotate the Volume control or use the Volume control buttons on the remote control.

Adjust Tone

  1. To exit, wait for five seconds, until the unit returns to normal mode.



Select the Tuner source using the DAB/FM button on the front of the unit, or directly by pressing the DAB/FM button on the remote.





When selecting DAB mode for the very first time, the unit will initiate an 'Auto Scan', Repeatedly pressing the DAB/FM button on the front of the unit switches between DAB and FM modes. This can also be done using the DAB/FM button on the remote.

Pressing the Mode/Store button will cycle through:

  • DAB/DAB+
  • Auto Scan
  • Preset
  • Service List



Press the Mode/Store button to switch to "Auto Scan".  Use the reverse ‘Skip/Scan’ or forward ‘Skip/Scan’ buttons to perform a full station scan.

A scanning percentage appears on the display while scanning for stations. When scanning is completed, AXR100D will automatically play and display the station information if a signal is found.

Auto Scan



Radio stations can be stored into the memory presets for easy access. You can store up to 40 presets for each band (i.e. 40 presets for the DAB band plus 40 presets for the FM band).

To assign a radio station to a preset, follow the below steps, whilst listening to the frequency or station you wish to store:

  1. Press and hold the 'Mode / Store' button.
  2. Use the 'Skip / Scan' button or 'Preset Buttons' to select the preset location for the station to be stored to.
  3. Press the 'Mode / Store' button again to confirm your selection.
  4. The radio station will now be assigned to your chosen preset.

Storing Presets

Note: You can store up to 40 presets for each band (i.e. 40 presets for the DAB band plus 40 presets for the FM band).

You can only access stored presets 1-8 on the remote preset buttons. You can access stored presets 1-10 on the front panel preset buttons.

To access all presets, set the mode to ‘Preset’ mode with the ‘Mode’ button on the remote control or ‘Mode/ Store’ button on the front panel, and use the reverse or forward ‘Skip/Scan’ buttons.

This will allow access to the full 40 DAB stored presets or 40 FM stored presets.

Note: In ‘Store’ mode, if no button is pressed for a while, the unit will come out of ‘Store’ mode and the preset will not be saved.



Once a scan has been performed, use Mode/Store button to switch to "Service list" and use the reverse ‘Skip/Scan’ or forward ‘Skip/Scan’ buttons to browse through the available stations.



Note: For ease of tuning on first time use, we recommend that you set the AXR100D to ‘Auto’ mode. Press the Mode/Store button on the front of the unit. This button cycles through Preset, Auto and Manual modes.

FM Mode

When Auto mode has been selected, press the reverse ‘Skip/Scan’ button to scroll down through the station frequencies or press the forward ‘Skip/Scan’ button to scroll up through the station frequencies.

The tuner will stop at the first strong signal it finds. To move to another station press the reverse or forward ‘Skip/Scan’ button again.