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Front panel controls

Front panel controls


1. Standby/On 

Switches the unit between Standby Mode (indicated by dim power LED) and On (indicated by bright power LED). 

2. Skip

Skip to next track during playback.

3. Play/Pause

Play or Pause current track.

4. Display

5. Info 

During playback, pressing this button will cycle through the different ‘Now Playing’ screens. Press and hold to display the product info, as well as options for updating the firmware, network setup mode and factory reset. 

6. Infrared sensor

IR sensor that receives IR commands from the compatible CX series 2 remote control.

Note: The CXN100 does not have its own remote control and does not come with one included.

7. Source Selector

Scroll through sources enabled in the StreamMagic app.

8. Volume Control

When Pre-amp mode is enabled this will control volume via the analogue outputs.