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Remote Control

Note: The EVO CD does not come with a remote control included. Please use the EVO remote control that is supplied with the EVO 75/150. 


1. Mute (EVO 75/150 only)

2. Standby/On (EVO 75/150 only)

3. Preset buttons (EVO 75/150 only)

4. Speaker output (EVO 75/150 only)

5. Info (EVO 75/150 only)

6. Brightness (EVO 75/150 only)

7. Eject CD (EVO CD only) - Press to eject the CD from the disc tray.

8. Stop (EVO CD only) - Press to stop playback.

9. Play/Pause/Skip - Press the Play/Pause button to play or pause playback. Press the Skip buttons to skip tracks in the desired direction.

10. Source selection (EVO 75/150 only)

11. Volume (EVO 75/150 only)

Remote Control


If the remote control will not function, please check that the batteries have not expired, and that there is nothing blocking the front panel IR sensor, which is located in the EVO 75/150. There is no IR sensor located in the EVO CD.