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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I connect the EVO CD to another amplifier or device?

The EVO CD was only designed to be connected to other products in the EVO range, and will only work with the EVO 75 / 150. It will not work with any other products, Cambridge Audio or otherwise.


Can I use another cable to connect my EVO CD to the EVO 75/150?

We only recommend using the supplied EVO connection cable when connecting your EVO CD to your EVO 75/150.


Why doesn’t the EVO 75/150 display my CD’s album artwork or track information?

The EVO CD uses a music database called ‘Music Brainz’ to retrieve cover artwork and track information. If you are playing a CD that doesn’t display its album artwork or data, this will be because the album/release is not in the Music Brainz database. 

You can add an album/release to the Music Brainz database by firstly creating an account on the Music Brainz website here, and then following the relevant steps via their 'How to contribute' page here. You will be able to add an artist, album or song to their database.


The wooden side panels on my EVO CD and EVO 75/150 don’t match.

The supplied wooden side panels are made from real wood. As no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, it is a likelihood that they may not exactly match the wooden side panels already on your EVO 75/150.


Can the EVO CD play SACDs or MP3/WMA discs?

It is not possible to play SACD, MP3 or WMA discs on the EVO CD. The EVO CD can play CD-DA, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

The EVO CD will play the CD layer of hybrid SACDs.


How do I check/update the firmware version of the EVO CD?

The firmware version of the EVO CD will always be the same as the firmware version of your connected EVO 75/150.  As long as your EVO CD is connected to your EVO 75/150, the firmware of the EVO CD will automatically update in sync with the firmware of the EVO 75/150.

You can check/update the firmware version of your EVO 75/150 by following the ‘Firmware’ steps in the manual here.


Does the EVO CD support gapless playback?

Yes, the EVO CD does support gapless playback.


Does the EVO CD have its own volume control?

The EVO CD does not have a volume control of its own. You will need to control the volume via your connected EVO 75/150.


Can the EVO CD play MQA CDs?

Yes, the EVO CD will be able to play MQA CDs.