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Remote control

The AXR is supplied with a remote control that operates this unit and its built-in tuner. In addition, the buttons with Blue coloured icons can operate a matching AX CD player. 

The supplied AAA batteries must be fitted before the remote control can be used. 

1. POWER BUTTON - Switches the AXR85/100 between On and low power eco-friendly Standby mode 

2. MUTE - Mutes audio on the unit. Press again to cancel mute. 

3. CD (BLUE COLOURED ICONS) - To operate the AXC players only. For more information refer to the AX CD user’s manual. 

4. SPEAKER A/B - Toggles between the selected loudspeaker terminals: speaker A only, speaker B only, speaker A and B together, or all speakers off. 

5. STEREO/MONO - Used only when FM is selected. Toggles between FM stereo output and FM mono output. For low quality stereo FM signals, selecting mono can usually reduce the noise.  

Note: Some FM stations are mono only, and selecting Stereo will have no effect on these. 

6. MODE - Used for AM/FM mode. Press to cycle the tuning mode between Preset, Auto, and Manual modes. 

7. VOLUME - Increases or decreases the volume of the unit. Also used to change the bass, treble and balance settings when these are selected. 

8. SKIP/SCAN - Used when FM or AM is selected. 

In Preset mode – Steps up or down through the user-stored presets. 

In Auto mode – Search for the previous or next available station with a strong signal. 

In Manual mode – Adjusts the frequency in steps, for fine tuning. 

9. MENU - Toggles between Bass, Treble and Balance options. Use the volume buttons to change the level of the selected option. 

10. PRESET BUTTONS (1/5, 2/6, 3/7, 4/8) - Used when FM or AM is selected. These select user-stored station presets. 

Pressing a preset button once will select one of the first 4 presets.  

Pressing and holding will select the later 4 presets.  

8 presets are available directly from the remote, further presets can be selected in Preset mode, by using the Skip/Scan buttons. 

11. SOURCE BUTTONS (D1, D2, D3, A1, A2, A3/Aux, Phono, Bluetooth, AM/FM) - Press the relevant button to select the desired music source. 

Note: Digital inputs D1, D2 and D3 are for the AXR100 only. 

Remote Control