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Streaming Your Local Digital Music Collection

The CXN (V2) can play content from many different physical sources and this section will explain what you need to do to access and play your locally stored digital music collection. ‘Locally Stored’ means the digital music files you have on your PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage devices (NAS).

To stream local content, you will need the following hardware and software running in your network:

1. Your Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Network Player.

2. A mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet on which you can run the StreamMagic app, or by accessing your collection via the front panel controls.

3. A hard drive, computer or NAS containing your compatible digital music files.

4. An active UPnP music or media server.

5. A router which is configured to allow the UPnP service.

Note: The above items must be correctly connected and configured, and it is important to note that depending on the server, NAS, computer, etc. you’re using this will differ from setup to setup. To help you with this we have created best practice guide which should get you up and running with minimal fuss and effort. This can be found here.