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CXN rear panel

1. AC power socket

2. USB sockets
Pre-fitted Wi-Fi dongle and connection for USB HD/flash disk or optional BT100 Bluetooth audio receiver.

The USB ports are not intended for connection to Apple mobile devices, no functionality, charging or otherwise, is supported.

The Wi-fi dongle is pre-fitted. Please leave connected. Your unit will automatically default to an Ethernet connection if one is made. If you are using this CXN v2 with Wi-Fi please make sure your unit is positioned within range of your wireless router.

Important note:
Do not connect/disconnect the Wi-Fi dongle when the unit is on.

3. Ethernet

4. Digital inputs

5. IR (Infra-Red) emitter in

6. Digital outputs

7. Control bus
For connection to other CX series products. Features vary according to other product functionality.

8. USB audio in
For connecting to PC/MAC computers.

Ground lift switch
Enable 'Lift' to eradicate hum noise through the speakers.

9. Balanced audio output
For use with XLR connections.

Note: XLR connectors should be wired as follows: Pin 1: Ground, Pin 2: Hot (in-phase) and Pin 3: Cold (phase-inverted).

10. Line output