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Getting Connected

Basic Analogue Connections

Important Note: Switch the power off before making any connections.

There are two analogue connection options for the CXN.

1. Line Output Connection (RCA)

2. Balanced Audio Connection (XLR)

Basic Digital Connections

There are two digital connection options for the CXN.

Note: If using either of the digital outputs of the CXN, the digital signal will bypass the DAC in CXN and will instead be processed by the unit connected to the digital output, E.g., CXA81

1. Digital Coaxial Output – Digital Coaxial connections are commonly used with CD players and amplifiers and is recommended for use as it has higher bandwidth.

2. TOSLINK Optical Output – Whilst having lower bandwidth, TOSLINK Optical connections are commonly found on televisions, DVD players and A/V units.



Control Bus

The Control Bus lets you control your other CX series units. See the following diagrams when connecting the CXN using the provided Control Bus cable.  

Another added feature with this Control Bus is the use of the StreamMagic app. You can use the StreamMagic app to control other CX series units via the CXN.

CXN with CXA (via StreamMagic app)

When using the app to turn the CXN on/off, this will also turn the CXA on/off. The app can also be used to control the volume of the CXA. Connect the CXN Control Bus Out to CXA Control Bus In.

CXA with CXN

Note: Without using the StreamMagic app to control the CXA.

When turning the CXA on/off, this will also turn the CXN on/off. Connect the CXA Control Bus Out to CXN Control Bus In.

CXA with CXN and CXC

When turning the CXN on/off, this will turn the CXA and CXC on/off.

With all three CX devices, connect the CXN Control Bus out to CXA Control Bus in. Then connect the CXA Control Bus out to CXC Control Bus in.

Note: Do NOT loop back from the CXC Control Bus out to the CXN Control Bus in.

Control Bus will also need to be enabled and set to Amplifier within the CXN device settings in the StreamMagic app once the app has been connected to the CXN.

Note: If a device with APD enabled automatically switches off after the selected period of inactivity, this will also switch off the other connected devices.