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Menu options

Pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the remote control or the front panel of the unit will access the following menu options:

  • System Info
  • Tone Setting
  • APD Setting
  • Factory Reset
  • Upgrade



This menu item displays some version numbers for your AXR100D.

  • Device Name.
  • MCU version
  • BT version



The Treble, Bass and Balance options can be found in Tone setting.

When one of these options is selected the volume control will adjust the level. If nothing is pressed for a while, the source will be displayed and the volume control will go back to controlling the volume level.



Turn the rotary dial to choose the ‘On’ or ‘Off’ option. Press the rotary dial to select the desired option.

With APD set to ‘On’, the product will automatically switch to standby mode after inactivity of 20 minutes.



Press the rotary dial to select a factory reset.

Performing a factory reset will restore the AXR to its factory settings and clear all stored presets.



This menu item contains a setup configuration as shown below.

  • MCU Upgrade.
  • BT Upgrade.

Any new firmware updates for the AXR100D can be found on our support site here. To upgrade the firmware of the AXR100D, please follow the steps below:

1) Download and copy the firmware .bin file from the support site page above to a USB drive (copy to the root of the drive, not inside a folder, and do not rename the file).

2) Insert the USB drive into the service port on the rear of the unit.

3) Insert power cable and switch on the unit.

4) Enter the menu by pressing the menu button.

5) Using the volume control, navigate to ‘Upgrade’, pressing the volume control to enter, then ‘MCU upgrade’ or ‘BT Upgrade’ (depending on the type of upgrade), then ‘Yes’.

6) The unit will then automatically detect the file on the USB drive and update automatically. The unit will then switch off. (If ‘No File’ message is displayed then restart at Step 1)

7) Switch the unit on.

Note: It is recommended to perform a factory reset after the completing the upgrade. Please note that a reset will restore the AXR to its factory settings and clear all stored presets.

Important Note: It is very important that once the Firmware upgrade has started you do not switch off the power to the AXR100D until the operation is complete, otherwise the AXR100D may become permanently damaged.

Important Note: Do not connect/disconnect the USB dongle when the unit is still upgrading.