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Remote Control

The 851N remote control handset duplicates some of the front panel control functions and is also able to control other Azur 851 series products. The supplied AAA batteries must be fitted before the remote control can be used. The handset buttons function as described below:

1. Standby/On
Switches the 851N between On and Standby mode.  

2. Brightness 
Alters the brightness of the 851N display. There are two brightness levels and an option to switch off the backlight.  

Note: When the 851N display lights are selected to be off, selecting any of the functions will briefly switch on the lights to show the change.  

3. Presets 
Recalls stored 1 – 4 presets. Holding a button will save current station as preset. 

4. Mute 
Press to mute or unmute output. 

5. Enter/Mode 
Enter or select. 

6. Volume 
Volume level adjust. 

7. Home Menu 
Returns front panel display to Home menu option. 

8. Return 
Return or back. 

9. Skip 
Skips between previous and next tracks. 

10. Backlight Button 
Illuminates the buttons. 

11. Info 
Toggles between display information. 

12. Navigation 
To navigate between menus. 

13. Stop/Delete 
Stop current track or delete from queue. 

14. Play/Pause 
Play or Pause current track. 

15. Queue 
View media playback queue. 

16. (More) 
When playing Internet Radio, the More button displays related options to the currently selected station, such as alternative stream types, content types or similar stations. When playing from UPnP sources, this button displays queued tracks and options. 

17. Digital Inputs 
Shortcut to D1 Digital Input. 

18. Random 
Play random track within queue. 

19. Repeat 
Repeat all tracks in queue. 

20. Filter 
Press to toggle through the three digital filter options.