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Rear panel connections


1. Audio inputs (A1-A4) - These inputs are suitable for any ‘line level’ source equipment such as the audio outputs of CD players, streaming devices such as a Chromecast Audio (RCA Phono to jack cable required) etc.

2. Rec out - Connect to the recording input of a CD recorder, tape deck or other compatible recording device etc.

This output provides a constant high level output that does not fluctuate with the volume, balance or tone controls of the main unit. For this reason, the AXA25 cannot be used as a Preamplifier only or with a subwoofer.

3. USB power 5V 500mA - This USB connection is designed to charge a device, such as a smartphone. The charging device needs to require 5V DC to be able to be charged.

Note: This is not an input so will not allow you to play audio directly to the unit.

Note: Do not use this port for charging a device and using it as a source at the same time, as this will create a ground loop that will cause interference during playback.

4. Loudspeaker terminals Note: When using a banana plug, make sure the speaker terminals are completely tightened before inserting the plug. 


Connect the wires from your left channel loudspeaker to the Left positive and negative terminals and the wires from the right channel loudspeaker to the Right positive and negative terminals.

In each case, the red terminal is the positive output and the black terminal is the negative output.

Care should be taken to ensure no stray strands of wire are accidentally connecting speaker outputs together as this may cause damage to the unit.

Please ensure that the loudspeaker terminals have been tightened adequately to provide a good electrical connection. It is possible for the sound quality to be affected if the screw terminals are loose.

5, AC power socket - Once all connections are complete, plug the AC power cable into an appropriate mains socket and turn the unit on.

Please only use the power lead supplied with the unit.