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Note: Prior to performing any of the following procedures, please ensure that the DacMagic 200M is in standby, which is indicated by only the standby LED being lit.

To perform a factory reset

source filter all
  1. Briefly press both the Source and Filter buttons simultaneously. 
  2. All LEDs will light in sequence, one by one.  

Upon performing a factory reset all user-stored settings (input, volume and output mode) will be erased, and replaced by the unit’s default settings after a factory reset.

Toggle between fixed, and variable output modes

The DacMagic 200M can be switched between a fixed output mode which disables the front panel volume control, and variable mode which enables the front panel volume control, allowing volume adjustment on the unit.

vol fil all
  1. Briefly press the volume knob, and filter button simultaneously.   
  2. Two LEDs will light up to indicate the output mode.

RCA/XLR output set to fixed mode with volume knob disabled: MQA/DSD light up for 5s. 

RCA/XLR output set to variable mode (default) with volume knob enabled: 176.4/768 LEDs light up for 5s. 

Note: Headphone output is always variable.